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Subsidies for entrepreneurs

Create, refresh or optimize a website has a cost, but did you know you can receive financial aid ?

We noticed that some of our clients don’t always know that these subsidies are available… A few months ago, Chloé from Practice with Chloé contacted us regarding the development of her website. She received financial help from Brussels for the development of her digital communication and we asked her to share some information about the process.

1/ Where did you find information about the subsidies?

Chloé – I think it was in a newsletter from 1819 , they were talking about a subsidy by Brussels so I’ve clicked on it. If you don’t know 1819, it’s an organization that helps/guides entrepreneurs in Brussels. Their website is a goldmine and they are really helpful. If you have a question, you can make an appointment or call. They are always glad to help.

2/ Is the process easy?

Chloé – Everything is online so yes it’s easy. You need to follow the steps and fill in the different fields. If I can be totally honest, there were some administrative mysteries but again, 1819 helped me easily. The follow up was by mail and it was quick. The most important thing that you need to have for this subsidy is to own a VAT number and be established in Brussels.

If you’re located in Flanders, VLAIO and have several subsidies.

3/ What is the amount granted?

Chloé – Depending on the type of company and the mission, this can go up to 60% of the amount However there is a limit, which is 5000€ per year. In my case, I got 40% which is the bare minimum.

4/ Is it only for your digital communication?

Chloé – I applied for the subsidy “create, rebrand or optimize a website”. But you can also apply if you would like to create your e-commerce!

5/ What are the requirements to apply?

Chloé – First of all, it’s really important that the mission has not started yet! When your case has been approved, you can start the project. When it’s finished you have a delay to send the final invoice and the report that the agency/person in charge of the project needs to fill in. When these documents are sent, you have to wait a month or two to have the subsidy on your account.
As they mention on their website, you can ask for this help once a year and the agency or the person who you work with needs to fulfill conditions like : having a VAT number, not be a member of your team etc… You can find the information on their website, it’s very clear.

Here a few interesting links :

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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