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Discover our brand new identity

Uhmm, something is quite new here no? I don’t know, the colors are slightly different, the logo, the font… YESS, let us present you the rebranding of our agency.

But… why ?

As you may know, our co-founder Julien is now a full time fourcer. After a long and rich experience in another digital agency, Julien decided to join our team and is now our lead developper. His arrival came with a lot of ideas and a desire to explore new things and new technologies. So once we started digging into new technologies, we asked ourselves the following question : “is our visual identity still matching with this new energy we have?”

The response was not a clear no, but not a clear yes either. We did some brainstormings, put post-its on our windows and after several meetings, we let Lorraine collect all of our thoughts and ideas and she started working on our rebranding. It only took her a brief presentation of fources agency 2.0 to convince us!

After almost 3 years, we learned a lot, our team got bigger and the energy changed. We are not the same agency we were 3 years ago, and that’s something we wanted to show in our new identity.

Fources agency. Pixel lovers & code players.

Fources agency is a creative and digital branding agency.

We do more than just creating a logo for your business, we create an engaging brand identity. Our team of designers will collaborate with you to refresh your brand identity and build your brand toolkit. Next to that we are focused on creating bespoke and interactive websites. Our collaborative and phased approach, considers all aspects of web design, branding, UI and UX to deliver a personal solution for your business.

We are digital seekers

As developers, we need to keep up to date with the digital world. Whenever we have a moment, we take the time to explore, learn and implement new things. And we love that!

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