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Lorraine’s digital routine

Everybody has a digital routine and a different behavior regarding social media and internet. Some of us spent hours on their phone, while others enjoy other things…When developing a digital strategy with a client, we like to integrate these differences in our strategy and work.

We’ve asked our team some questions regarding their digital behavior. Take a look at Lorraine’s answers.

1/ Do you have a digital routine when you wake up?
When I wake up, I try to not look at my phone. I have to emerge a little and I like to enjoy the morning lights. I keep the news on the phone for when I’m on the train. As I have 40 minutes between Brussels and Antwerp, I spend some time scrolling on Instagram, after that I check 9gag and I finish with the news. I think I spend more or less 10 minutes on my phone and then I choose between my Dutch exercises and the landscapes.

When I work from Brussels, I start with the news, then I choose the music and hop! Let’s start working.

2/ What’s your favourite social media?
Actually, I’m not a social media freak, I’m on Instagram with a private profile and a picture every six months. I canceled my profile on Facebook and have no account on Twitter/Snapchat or else. On Instagram, I love to follow and discover some artistic profiles like illustrators. 

3/ Top 3 accounts you’re following on Instagram?

  • First influencer on my list : Tom Ross (@tomrossmedia). I love his spirit, his tone of voice and he has a real constructive way to see life and creativity. He gives great tips that I like and try to follow. He really makes my day with his content. 
  •  @ui_gradient : A seriously good account for my creativity. I can stay hours on accounts like these. Logos, resources, inspiration, tips about UI. Love.that.stuff
  • @eskorwerbeagentur : This is a German agency, I love to scroll on their account as they have incredible designs. It’s a true inspiration because it’s a level of development that I’d like to achieve.

4/ Websites where you like to spend time on.

  • My favourite website is Grafikart. The man behind this gold mine is Jonathan Boyer and he’s kind of a hero to me. His knowledge has no limits and he’s a good teacher in every kind of development field. I love to see his videos and hear his cheerful voice. Thanks to this website I keep on learning new stuff all day, everyday.
  • CSS tricks. As a frontend developer, HTML and CSS are kind of my stuff. CSS is always evolving and this website is always up to date, so I’m up to date too!
  • Codepen : My oh my, I’m amazed by this website. So much creativity, so inspirational and a real community who love to apply the : Sharing is caring. You can implement somebody’s code on your website and improve it or adapt it if you want. Love it love it love it!

5/ Favourite apps?

Phrase that I often say when I’m coding? : Why is it not working?
Then when I fix it : Ooooooof couuuuurse

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