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Fat Friendly – Mapping the accessibility of spaces for people with overweight


Fat friendly is a non-profit organization that fights against fatphobia and for a better accessibility for fat people around the world. Meaning? Spaces where fat people can move easily, where toilets are spacious, where the seats are not to small… All details taken for granted by most part of society but a nightmare for fat people who just want to go out.


Fat friendly wanted to create an interactive map to list spaces where the accessibility is…well, fat friendly.
Besides a regular website to present Fat friendly, we developed an interactive map where users can create or comment a location based on fat criterias.

How? When a user enters a new place or comment an existing one, the app collects data in google about it and displays some questions based on its category. So the user has to answer specific questions, give a score and comment the place if he wants. Everyone can rate a place based on their own experience.
At the end, each location displayed has a score based on some criteria that matches the place or not.

So far the map has more than 200 places!
The map is open to Belgium and France for now but it might be worldwide someday…

This map is meant to grow, evolve and we already have some ideas for the V2…


skills required


website design
responsive design


wordpress website
Vue.js composants
custom made website
tailor made behavior
interactive map
google api
user account

a project, a question, a coffee, an internship,

Let’s work together!

There is always a reason to contact us : an idea, a quote, an internship, a question about your website…