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Notary Damien Collon


Notary Damien Collon is a notary based in Brussels. Damien Collon practises the profession of notary sinds 1999. He’s got a team of 14 collaborators who ensure the management of the different cases.

The notary can help you with all kind of notarial matters like : property rights, family rights, corporate rights, tax laws and succession law.


Together with the notary Damien Collon, we developed their entire brand identity. Damien Collon asked us to create his logo, but we also had to define the graphical guidelines.

The color for the logo was quite easy to choose: a shade of blue. This color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. A perfect match for the notary. When designing it, we kept the core business of our client in mind (administrative, paperwork…) but the logo also had to match the personality of Damien Collon. Which means the logo had to be sober/serious but also elegant and modern.

The next step was to design and developed their website. It was important for them to inform the clients. Next to that, it also had to be easy for them to make an online appointment and to find the documents to prepare their appointment.

skills required


logo design
graphical guidelines
website design


business cards


digital signature (email)
screen saver
website development

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