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Sandrine’s digital routine

Everybody has a digital routine and a different behavior regarding social media and internet. Some of us spent hours on their phone, while others enjoy other things…When developing a digital strategy with a client, we like to integrate these differences in our strategy and work.

We’ve asked our team some questions regarding their digital behavior. Time to take a look at Sandrine’s answers.

1/ What’s your morning routine? 
The first thing I do when I wake up is snooze…Yes I know, I’m that kind of person that sets her alarm a little bit earlier so that I can snooze twice and wake up at ease. After that I have the bad habit of taking my phone and scroll on Instagram, most of the time there’s nothing special to see, which means that after 10 seconds I already put it back on my nightstand. Time to get out of bed now! I turn on the music, take a quick shower to wake up and last but not least, I take a cup of coffee. After that, I’m ready to go. 

2/ What’s your favourite social media?
I must say that my favourite one is Instagram. Why? Well in my opinion Instagram has the perfect balance between funny, personal, inspirational and interesting content. You can stay up to date with the perfect Holidays of your friends, you never miss out an engagement or wedding but you can also learn some interesting stuff or even find inspiration for your home decoration. Instagram is super personal, you’ll always find something that captures your attention.

3/ Top 3 accounts you’re following on Instagram?
This is a rather difficult question, as I’m always scrolling on Instagram to see what’s new, or what kind of content the people we follow post, I often end up on an account of a brand or an agency I don’t even know (LOL)…but I do know I like their pictures or their tone of voice. So my advice is just to keep on scrolling and clicking on accounts until you like what you see.  

4/ Websites where you like to spend time on.

  • One of my favourite websites is Feedly. It’s the perfect place to keep up with all the topics that matter to you. 
  • Another website I like to go to is SEJ (Search Engine Journal). If you have any interest in Social Media, SEO or content, this is the website you need to visit. You can download their different guides or just take some time to scroll on their website and read their newest articles. 
  • Is it a cliché if I say I like to spend a lot of time on our own website? 😉 Not for the reason you may think, but because I like to see what can be improved. I take the time to read and reread every content on our website, to see if we can optimize it, same thing for the SEO. You can never stop optimizing your website. 

5/ Favourite apps?

  • Later, so I don’t need to get up at 6 am to post on Instagram 
  • Spotify, because what’s life without good music? 
  • Slack, to exchange some funny gifs with Lorraine when we’re doing homeworking.
  • Vinted, because now I’m finally giving away my clothes I don’t wear anymore.

Phrase that I often say around 11 am : I’m hungry.
Then when I’m done eating : What am I going to eat tonight?

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