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Time to meet Julien, our code player

Who’s this handsome tall guy behind his computer? A few people may know him as the co-founder of fources, but let’s dig a little deeper…Lorraine and Julien met each other at their web training 8 years ago. They were sitting next to each other and after this incredible course, they started working together. From that moment until now, there is a digital story that we are thrilled to share. So let’s hear him out!

After your web training what did you do?

Together with Lorraine and Chloé, we started our first graphic design studio, POW /// Visual killers. At that time, we were doing what we also do today : develop websites, create visual identities but also product design. We’ve learned so many things about web but also about client management. We had the opportunity to meet Julien Faelli, co-founder of Utick, the best Belgian online ticketing tool for theater and cultural centers, and after 6 years our journey is still ongoing with Utick.

Unfortunately, at POW we were 3 creative profiles but no business profile, so we decided to switch POW to a side activity during the weekends and we started working for different agencies.

I started to work for Cherry Pulp, a digital agency, where I’ve learned so much during 6 years. The team was great, I’ve improved my development skills and we’ve shared a lot of good times together. 6 years later, things changed a little bit because I became a dad and Cherry Pulp had new ambitions. Personally, it was the perfect moment to take a leap of faith in my own agency and I’ve joined fources agency (ex POW) full time. I’ve met Sandrine, the Project Manager that was missing 8 years ago! And now, our goal is to work on a human scale and concile work and family. We want to take the time to learn new technologies, new skills and be able to share it with others. It’s a new dynamic and it’s thrilling!

What’s the best lesson(s) you’ve learned in your previous job?

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something. When I’m searching for something, I’m learning 10 new ways to accomplish what I want, it’s an endless discovery. I know that I’m always thinking about how I can improve something.

What was your favorite project you have been working on?

I don’t have a favorite project, my latest project almost always becomes my favorite one, because I try to implement new things. I keep improving myself and the quality we offer/deliver.

You’re a full stack developer, but what does it mean?

Full stack developer means that I can manage everything in the development of a website, except design of course. I can do front end (the side that the users see as layouts) and backend which is the side that the client can’t see. For example, I can connect a library and display all the elements that you need : a map, events from Utick… If I can do all these things it’s because I’m really REALLY curious and I need to stay up to date to the latest technology trends.

Previously, we’ve asked Sandrine and Lorraine what were the websites they love to spend time on. What’s yours?

Youtube! I’m following a lot of developers to see what they are doing and try to understand how they are doing it. Next to that I also love to watch video’s about permaculture! I’m really concerned about ecology. I love nature and I’m trying to create the best environment for wildlife in my garden.

What are your top 5 applications?

To organize :

  • Notion (Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs. It’s as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be, perfect for my curious mind!)
  • Cleanmymac (I need to clean my computer from time to time)
  • 1 Password (One app to rule all my passwords)
  • Alfred

To code :

  • VSCode
  • Nova
  • Discord (to talk to my fellow colleagues)

When you’re not behind your computer, what do you do?

  • Family comes first, so when I’m not behind my computer, I’m in the garden with my family, trying to put together all the permaculture stuff that I’m learning. We are still at the beginning though…
  • I like video games, so from time to time I like to play. We keep the Nintendo switch in the office for quick games to relax with Super Mario.
  • Read! In 2021, I’ve spent a lot of time reading. I’ve discovered Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy author that I love.
  • Like I said, I’m really curious. Everything is interesting, so politics, ecology, news… I like to stay up to date.
  • Sometimes, I’m too tired to do anything so I watch series. Some of the latest that I enjoy were : Homecoming, La Casa de Papel and the Witcher.

Now that you’re your own boss, how do you see your future? Professionally speaking and on a personal note?

I see my future as a tightrope walker. Sometimes, the job needs to be done but you have to pick up your child from school and harvest vegetables from the garden, so I need to find the perfect balance to be able to do those things peacefully. The perfect vision for my future would be to work less but better. I’m trying to improve every task to be more efficient. I prefer to take a little more time at first to develop something. But when I’m done developing it, the next tasks will take less time. Time is really important for me so it’s important to develop, imagine things that can be easily implemented and adapted.

2022 is a new start, what can we wish you ?

3 things :

  • A lot of great projects for fources agency.
  • A nice and stressless environnement for my family.
  • A successful garden.

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