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Discover our Utick plugin

As theater or cultural center, you probably use Utick, the best (and Belgian) solution for your ticketing system. This tool offers more than 250 functionalities online and at the counter. We already have implemented this tool in several websites.

Utick’s API has changed since 2016 and as digital seekers, we decided to develop a simple plugin to help cultural centers and theaters. Thanks to our plugin, you will we able to add and connect your Utick account directly to your website. The basic version of this plugin is free of charge and can be implemented by any cultural organization.

How to implement the plugin :

1/ Go to the utick plugin (in your settings) and add your keys. Save the changes.

2/ Create a new page, add a block and insert the shortcode. Be aware : it has to be between square brackets as in the example below. Click “update” to save your changes. Don’t forge to check the page afterwords to see if everything is ok.


Absolutely not. You only need your keys provided by Utick (private and public key). The plugin will directly connect your Utick account to your website.

The basic version of  the Utick plugin is free of charge (as below in the live version). If you would like to customize some aspects, you can send us an email and we will help you with it. Are you working with another developer and they want to charge you for this plugin? Please be aware that you don’t have to pay for it. If you have a doubt, call us.

Yes, the plugin will automatically match with the style of your website. The information shown on the page will have your colors, your fonts etc…

The plugin has basic behavior like in the example below. If you have specific demands and would like to add more elements, feel free to ask us a quotation.

This plugin is only a link between Utick and your website. All the information that you provide are on the Utick RGPD policy. There is no third party involved in this plugin.

The new one.

No, it’s for WordPress only.

Of course! Try to open this page on your smarphone and see the live example below. The events will be displayed in one column.

Live example

La mer
21 Dec Jeune Public => Arts vivants • Jeune Public

La mer

Foule Théâtre

apd de 3 ans

Durée: 40 minutes


Est-ce moi qui ai rapetissé ou est-ce le lieu qui a grandi ? L’un des personnages du jardin est de plâtre, gardien du lieu, respirant la sagesse naïve, l’autre est un voyageur, transportant un enthousiasme teinté de maladresse vive et contagieuse.

La mer, c’est une histoire d’amitié entre un nain de jardin et un rat.

Tous les deux, ils mèneront une drôle d’aventure qui, à son terme pourrait bien leur faire découvrir la mer...

Rafraîchissant et enthousiasmant !


Production de Foule Théâtre, avec l’aide de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Merci à Manu Far deau, Fanny Anciaux, à la Roseraie, à La montagne magique, à Quai 41, à Tetris et AKTE (Le Havre)

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