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Les Roches Fleuries,
the perfect stay for your family holidays


Les Roches Fleuries is a holiday cottage in Frahan. It’s a small village in the Belgian province of Luxembourg.

The cottage has 14 rooms and each room has its own bathroom! It’s the perfect getaway if you’re into nature, long walks and exceptional views. The PERFECT staycation!


Les Roches Fleuries asked us to help them with the branding of their new cottage. We designed their logo and we developed their website.

The small town Frahan is authentic and unique, so we thought it was important to integrate some of well-known characteristics in their logo. First of all, Les Roches Fleuries is surrounded by the river La Semois. It is situated in a beautiful green area and the meadows we see today were used in the past for tobacco cultivation. These 3 aspects gave us inspiration for the logo creation.

The website didn’t need a lot of information, so we opted for a one-page website with a lot of visuals.

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wordpress website
website development


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