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NotiX, the innovative healthcare


“Technology driven solutions for the healthcare market”
That’s what notiX is all about.

notiX is a company specialized in innovation & healthcare. One of their key statement is to bring healthcare technology innovation to the patients.

Their goals are very clear :

INNOVATE with healthcare technology to raise quality of care

CREATE specialized healthcare technology solutions

DISTRIBUTE the best in class healthcare technologies

INTEGRATE innovation in healthcare systems

PARTICIPATE in healthcare technology innovation


Before we started searching for a name, we wrote down all the keywords that were important for their business : innovation, healthcare, B2B, global, software, technology, future, quality, efficiency…

All of the keywords resulted in notiX.
Which stands for; innovation, technoloy and new & future ideas.

Once we decided on the name, we had to find the right type of logo for notiX. The logo had to be dynamic with a focus on the future. It had to be adjustable and we used reassuring colours for healthcare.

When designing the logo, we focused on the X. The X stands for many things; new ideas, X factor, new things coming. We’ve linked it to the arrow (negative space) because new ideas define the future. The X can also be used as a single symbol in the visual identity.

The arrow stands for going forward, looking to the future, innovating. This is what notiX stands for, going forward.

skills required


logo design
business cards
graphical guidelines

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