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SCAPIN, a collaborative digital memory project for the performing arts in FWB


SCAPIN stands as an exceptional search engine catering to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, specifically tailored for the performing arts domain. With an extensive archive of tens of thousands of shows dating back to 1782, complemented by an impressive collection of set photos, posters, and recordings, SCAPIN boasts a wealth of valuable resources.

The aim of this joint project is to design a unique show database, using a model that is not hampered by the sometimes too random or, on the contrary, too precise encoding of the past. This will provide easy access to the data, using a consultation interface and an API that can be configured on other sites, including those of partner companies.

As an example, we’ve recently implemented this API for Théâtre Royal du Parc’s archives.


Luc Wanlin, who is also employed at AML (Archives et musée de la littérature), reached out to us seeking assistance with the website design for SCAPIN. Being the technical mastermind behind it, he aimed to revamp the design of the tool, which was considered somewhat “old school,” and transform it into a more user-friendly and accessible platform for both professionals and non-professionals.

Throughout our collaboration, we engaged in extensive discussions and revisions to refine some of the features he had developed, ensuring that the possible actions for users were clear and intuitive. This process required us to think openly and creatively, exploring various display possibilities. As a result of our joint efforts, the UI for SCAPIN has now been defined and can be implemented in any scenario we had envisioned.

Moving forward, SCAPIN is poised to undergo further changes and evolution, but at this stage, we are confident that the updated UI will cater to all envisioned use cases and greatly enhance the overall user experience.


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