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Village finance : boosting the development of enterprises in Brussels


Village Finance is a Brussels-based local development fund.

The non-profit organization has been in existence since 2005 and aims to promote sustainable and equitable urban economic development through the provision of grants to self-employed individuals and very small businesses (SMEs).

Currently, there are two thematic grants: the Circular Economy grant and the Sustainable Mobility grant.

Thanks to these grants, Village Finance has already contributed to the creation and development of over a hundred businesses operating in various sectors, such as sustainable food , eco-construction , commerce, sustainable mobility , and social economy.

What if your company could be the next one to receive a Village Finance grant?


Village Finance asked us to refresh their website, aiming for a user-friendly backoffice that could facilitate efficient collaboration within the Village Finance team.
Their primary focus was on promoting grants for sustainable and equitable urban economic development businesses, as well as showcasing a directory of past years’ winners.

The website needed to deliver clear and concise information about these grants, outlining the various steps involved in the application process. Moreover, it was designed to serve as a comprehensive toolbox, offering valuable advice, news and resources to support aspiring entrepreneurs in developing their businesses.


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