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New 2022 logos trends!

What are the logo design trends for 2022?

Animated logos

Animate your visual identity is simply incredible. We’re always amazed because the logo becomes something different, something greater. It tells you another story. It’s not just words anymore, it creates feelings. You can be surprised, excited, intrigued by an animated logo while a static logo will be less powerful. There is so much to say about animated logos… We think that we have to write something about it soon!

Simplistic geometry

Of course geometry! Life is about geometry! Personally we think simplistic geometry is timeless, so we don’t see it as e new trend but more like a constancy.

Retro Rubber Hose logos

Everything old is new again! All we can say is that the mix between the look and feel of these logos and the modern colors and fonts create a great contrast! Comparing with the black and white cartoons of the past, this is obviously something fresh, modern and still fun!

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